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IOTunix Inc. develops and supplies consumer electronics such as LED desk lamps, 3D printing pens, and security cameras using the latest technology

LED Desk Lamp

If you are a bibliophile or bookworm who loves reading, you need not only good books, but also the best reading lamp to protect your eyes. Nowadays, many of us spend too much time in front of computers, TVs, or smartphones, causing headaches and twitching eyes. Using the right desk lamp can reduce eye fatigue.

3D Printing Pen

Draw in the air and satisfy your creative urge with our innovative 3D pens! Whether it is quality doodling, prototyping, or tactile design, our 3D pens enable you to efficiently communicate your unique creative vision and lift your imagination off the page through 3D printing by hand.

Give this gift of creativity to your friends and family.

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